Custom web & mobile apps.
10 years of outsourcing excellence.

At UPDIVISION, we’ve been building complex web and mobile software for over 10 years. Let`s put this experience to good use in your business.

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Build your MVP fast or get devs and teams now

Our brilliant user experience designers, graphic designers, programmers, testers and project managers solve real-world challenges through software.

Get one or more of our skilled developers to join your team full-time or part-time. Never go over budget or schedule again.
Get an entire team with just the right roles and experience working together. From visionary project managers to nit-picking testers.
Get a new app off the ground with our battle-tested process for building and launching MVPs. We turn bold ideas into apps people love.
We love working with startups who are in the idea phase. Validate and improve your app idea through a no-code prototype and user stories.
Turn low-fidelity wireframes into user-friendly designs or improve your existing app`s overall look & feel.
We take a close look at your codebase and improve it long-term. We help make your code easier to read, maintain and build upon.
Open Source

Solve key challenges through software

Validate business idea & launch MVP

We have a battle-tested framework for building, launching and growing MVPs. We work with testable milestones and integrate your feedback.

Cut down on operational costs

We build custom business tools which boost productivity and lower costs.

Scale your development team

Get one or more of our developers to join your team or get the entire mix, project managers, UI/UX designers and testers included.

For our quick portfolio, picture these numbers:



delivered projects









years of coding

Listen up. A good talk saves a ton of work.

Building software can be challenging enough without communication mishaps. Over the years, we`ve perfected ways of keeping in touch while keeping things simple. Don`t worry about cultural differences, we speak the same language and have the same work ethic. Just think of us as your work from home team.


Good communication habits

We`ve put in place a framework for sharing ideas and milestones. You can test what the dev team has been working on and give feedback during sprint reviews. Our Projects Managers follow up with frequent updates.

We never stop learning, so we also hold monthly developers` meetings, where we share technical challenges we`ve overcome, latest news and industry insights.

Open Source

Powerful collaboration tools

We use an ecosystem of tools to make remote work easy for everyone involved. We have regular Skype, Slack and Google Hangouts calls, just like if we were part of your in-house development team.

We keep track of tasks through online project management tools like ClickUp. We use Gitflow for faster project onboarding and we even made design remote-friendly with Figma.

Open Source

People who speak their mind

We don`t believe in the myth of the anti-social tech geek. We all work as your hands-on technical partner and we answer your questions in plain English. Jargon-free. We work in close-knit teams, exchanging ideas.

Together we can accomplish more than any one of us could on their own. That`s why everyone we hire is a great communicator, in addition to being awesome at their job.

Our clients love us. So they said.

  • Mircea Predut

    "TPA Group offers accounting and legal services in 11 countries. The Romanian branch needed a new cloud software to do time tracking, financial analysis, productivity evaluations and invoicing. The project spanned over two years and impacted more than 100 employees. Although the scope of work changed several times, UPDIVISION kept costs under control and delivered on time. They are simply the best dev team I had the pleasure working with."

    Mircea Predut - Project Manager at TPA Group, Romania
  • Alex

    "At JustNow we are all about solving an immensely important problem: prevent unnecessary food waste in the retail food industry. Together with Stone Soup Tech, UPDIVISION were the right technology partners for the job. They have talented programmers and they really know how to be agile and integrate into existing teams. We are doing continuous development with them and it looks like we'll continue doing that in the future."

    Alex – CTO at JustNow, South Africa
  • R. S.

    "For more than two years, I’ve been working with a great team at UPDIVISION to build complex mobile and web software. From idea to specs, UX design and coding – UPDIVISION was there to share the bumpy ride of an ambitious startup. And apart from superb technical skills, their strong management really saved the day on many occasions."

    R. S. - Co-Founder of Fleet Management
  • Robert Knapp

    "What I like most about UPDIVSION is that once I give them the general idea, they are able to come up with the right specs and then execute on them. And we built some crazy stuff together: a payment gateway that accepts even Bitcoin, an Ultra-HD video streaming service, a specialized URL shortener, a huge social network and the list goes on and on. That’s why I recommend UPDIVSION for serious web development."

    Robert Knapp – Founder of Cyber Ghost, Germany
  • Timothy Poyntz

    "After looking for a technology partner with experience in web and mobile applications, we chose to work with UPDIVISION. Together, we have created a number of successful applications in the business Intelligence market place. Some of these applications, have been technically challenging to create, but by working closely together UPDIVISION has become a trusted and technically capable partner."

    Timothy Poyntz – CEO at StaffTalk365, UK
  • Alexandre Eram

    "We sell quality cosmetics around the world and we needed a robust e-commerce platform that could scale and sale to hundreds of thousands of customers. UPDIVISION built that platform from scratch together with a complex promotion system. They also integrated it with our ERP and now they are maintaining and improving everything. It wasn’t an easy ride, but regardless the issue, UPDIVISION was there to quickly respond and make things right."

    Alexandre Eram – Founder at Melkior, Romania
  • "The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) provides for its members support through numerous digital services and products. UPDIVISION was our partner in building from scratch a news portal (Transport Times), an interactive mobile app (Driving Times) and a platform for managing documents (LoiMacron). They respond fast when there’s an urgency and deliver what they promise. We will continue to use their services."

    Radu Dinescu – Secretary General at UNTRR, Romania
  • Aaron West

    "When I compare the team at UPDIVISION to the many other developers I have used in the last 7 years, they completely and utterly destroy everyone else. It is unlikely that you will ever find a gem in the rough like this. UPDIVISION took over a previously “failed” B2B project of mine and made it a huge success from a design, functionality and user experience standpoint. Do yourself a favor and work with these guys. It’s all I can say."

    Aaron West – CEO at FED3RAL, USA
  • Brad

    "Our Atlanta based agency has partnered with UPDIVISION for many years now. We did some amazing, complex and sometimes difficult projects together. We consider them an integrated part of our team. They have never let us down and always demonstrated the capability to learn, adapt and deliver quality work using cutting edge technology."

    Brad – Founder/CEO at Stone Soup Tech, USA
  • Ovidiu Radu

    "As head of a growing digital agency, I have worked with many technology providers to offer innovative solutions to my clients. UPDIVISION is one of my few partners that can always crack a hard problem. From augmented reality apps, social platforms to small ERP software, these guys deliver."

    Ovidiu Radu – CEO at Alien Intelligence, Australia
  • Jeremy de France

    "It’s really hard to find someone you can really count on. I worked with UPDIVISION on multiple projects in the movie and fitness industries and they always delivered on time and on budget. Their straightforward approach always brings results and helps solve quickly issues that otherwise could get out of hand. I strongly recommend them."

    Jeremy de France – Entrepreneur, France
  • Manon Junio

    "I had the pleasure to work with UPDIVISION on some digital projects of Salez-Lentz Group. One of them was Lentz’en Chalet website. UPDIVISION helped with great responsive web design that matched the charm of the chalet, plus a handy calendar system that made online reservations quick and easy. They were fast and made sure everything was ready before the big opening. Responsive layout and responsive staff. Could you ask for more? I am looking forward to using their services again in the future!"

    Project Manager at Sales-Lentz Group
  • Kilian Maier

    "We imagined schedulR as a tool to disrupt how listed corporates and investors plan their interactions. And UPDIVISION helped us build a strong MVP. They did a great job getting it to a stable version and then helping us move everything in-house. Working with them was a pleasure and we can easily recommend them to any startup looking to scale their business."

    Kilian Maier – Co-Founder/CEO at Interaction Partners, Switzerland
  • Emanuele Musa

    "I worked with UPDIVISION to develop a social platform for entrepreneurs – a place where they can share, test and gather feedback on business ideas. In the startup world fast iterations and flexibility are crucial. UPDIVISION provided all that, plus excellent quality code that I could build on. I’m always recommending their team, because I know they won’t disappoint."

    Emanuele Musa – Founder at Babele, Italy
  • Dror Rasin

    "We’ve been working with UPDIVISION for more than 5 years. They did a great job with the websites of the companies in our group: RINA Hotels, RINA Tours & Travel, StarTen – just to name a few. And provided invaluable technical support on many other things. I highly recommend UPDIVISION if you are looking for a dedicated partner."

    Dror Rasin - Business Development Director at RINA Group, Israel
  • Gary Norton

    "UPDIVISION offered me the flexibility to gradually build a complex admin panel for a large e-commerce platform. They are hands-on, great programmers and always thinking of ways to improve code, flow and functionality. But most importantly, they are good people you can rely on."

    Gary Norton – CEO at Odin Development, USA
  • Marina

    "When you have to build a custom application to manage millions of records of product data, you really need good engineers. UPDIVISION provided not only that, but they also communicate well, do great project management and successfully joined a team with members in multiple locations."

    Marina – CEO at Vorson Group, USA
  • Wim De Noker

    "UPDIVISION built a web app for evaluating volleyball referees for our company. It was easy working with them. The communication was great and they were very flexible regarding delivery deadlines. I highly recommend UPDIVISION developers for complex web development. We will surely continue using their services, as they're always on the edge of innovation."

    Founder & Magento consultant at Ekomurz
  • Anders

    "Smart Send provides online webshops all over Scandinavia with an intelligent shipping solution. As its CTO, I was constantly impressed by the technical solutions the UPDIVISION team came up with. Just as remarkable was their round-the-clock availability to discuss any issues – I came to feel they were part of our team. This didn’t mean they always agreed with our views, but instead, together we found the best solutions"

    CTO at Smart Send
  • Robert Gal

    "WM Music Distribution helps artists and labels digitally sell and promote their music. We've worked with UPDIVISION to give our app a complete make-over, both in terms of looks (a better fit for the creative-minds using it) and usability. They helped rethink core flows of the app, including album submission. Now, it's much easier for artists to get their work submitted, reviewed and published. We continue working with them to add some awesome-looking features to our app."

    CEO & Founder at WM Music Distribution

Do you have a mobile or a web app that needs built? Do you have a killer idea that needs to be made reality?